Waiting on your test results for more than 24 hours?

Please allow roughly 24 hours to receive your results.

The turnaround time for a Community Labs test is 24 hours. If you've been waiting longer than 24 hours, please fill out the form below. Make sure to include as much information as possible - the more information we receive, the better we can assist you! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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If you want to reach out directly, feel free to get in touch using the contact information below.

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ABOUT community labs TEST results

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a mouth swab. Is this the right website?

If you received anything other than a PCR nasal swab, then you did not test with us. If you tested at Cuellar Community Center, please contact Curative here who also tests at this location.

How can I print my results?

Visit one of our testing locations and we can print your results for you.

It says "Sars-Cov2-Not-Detected" as well as "abnormal". What does that mean?

"Not detected" means you tested negative. "Abnormal" would contain a blank field below it if you tested negative. "Abnormal" would contain a red "A" below it if your result says "Sars-Cov2-Positive", meaning that you tested positive.

If I tested positive, what do I do?

Please quarantine for 14 days. You are very likely to be infectious, even if you do not have symptoms. You can test with us again after the 14 day period. Contact your healthcare provider for medical advice. Also contact anyone else you have been around within the past 14 days and let them know you've tested positive so they know to get tested as well.

What if I am traveling internationally?

Most airlines require that you test negative and that you get tested using a PCR test within 72 hours from the moment you board the plane. We recommend you test 48-72 hours before your flight in case you have trouble accessing your results. Please contact us if you experience any issues.

How long are the waits at the testing sites?

Waiting time in line varies. Average wait time is 10-20 minutes.

Can I get tested if I am not a San Antonio, Texas or US resident?

Yes. Yes as long as you are in Texas and the collection takes place in Texas, the sample can be tested through Community Labs.

Is there an age limit?

We test people of all ages. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How often can I get tested?

You may test up to once per week if you test negative each time. If you test positive, please wait at least 14 days to avoid infecting others.

I don't have an email. Can I still get tested?

Yes. Since we only send automated results via email, please contact us to request your results. You may also go to one of our public testing sites to get your results printed.

When will I get results?
Please allow roughly 24 hours to receive your results.

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