Free COVID-19 Screening

Community Labs has partnered with Metro Health to offer free COVID-19 testing to anyone without COVID-19 symptoms at three locations in San Antonio, TX.

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A simple testing plan for each person
Screening details

• Self administered nasal swab

• Takes 2 minutes

• No appointment necessary. Save time in line by registering before you arrive.

• Results within 24 hours

• No insurance required

Feeling sick and have COVID-19 symptoms? Visit the COVID-19 San Antonio website for testing locations and hours


AT&T Center

AT&T Center
1 AT&T Center Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78219
Lot 2

Mon -  Fri: 9am - 4pm
CLOSED Fri, Jan 22nd
CLOSED Weekends

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Cuellar Community Center

5626 San Fernando St.
San Antonio, TX 78237

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm

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Ramirez Community Center

1011 Gillette Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78224

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm

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Save time in line! Register before arriving.

  • Sign up or login with your Google account. Complete all fields.
    • If you’re registering a minor, please fill out your own information and select that you’re booking an appointment for “someone else” before booking the appointment. 
  • Select "Book Appointment.” (This is not an appointment! You are pre-registered and can show up anytime during site hours to get tested.)
  • Wait in line. We'll print your order onsite and you’ll be able to get tested. 

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Why Get a Test?

According the latest science published in the Journal PNAS  over 50% of COVID-19 cases can be linked to people who have COVID-19 but have no symptoms. By identifying these 'silent spreaders' we can curb the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Visiting a Family Member

If you have an elderly family member in a nursing home or in isolation at home, keep them safe by getting tested.

Traveling Home

Have a student traveling home from college? Give your family peace of mind so you can enjoy your time together.

Back to work

The holiday season is a busy time for essential workers. Give yourself and your coworkers peace of mind by getting tested.

COVID-19 Case Timeline

Based on the latest research, this timeline shows the average incubation period for COVID-19 from the initial days since the first onset of symptoms to the estimated end of the infectious period.


Together we can make San Antonio the safest city in America.


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