Community Labs began as a non-profit almost 3 years ago during the height of COVID-19 to offer cheaper, more accurate, and more customer-centric PCR tests to schools, businesses, and community sites. Our goal was to enable San Antonians to safely return to their normal lives.

Throughout the pandemic, we opened and operated 7 community testing sites and regularly completed over 45,000 PCR tests per week with an average turnaround time of less than 10 hours from collection to result. Our teams visited over 200 local area school campuses weekly to conduct tests, and we continued to support our schools through March of 2023.

Our low price point, fast results, and focus on community support resulted in us delivering nearly 2 million tests.

Although Covid-19 has not disappeared, the risk to our community has reduced significantly through immunization and previous exposure to the virus. Demand for our testing has dwindled over the last 12 months, and this coupled with the ending of emergency declarations have allowed us to end the Covid-19 testing part of our operations.

We're excited to shift our focus to other locally based health support programs, but we'll continue to remain vigilant and ready should the need to support our community arise again.